About Brian Baldrati

Hi Brian Baldrati around here. I am a commercial and travel photographer, and a psychologist by training.

I found myself in the world of photography in 2012, when I made my first backpack to Asia. After that trip, I didn't spend another day without talking about photography. I enjoyed it more and more, improving my look and techniques and today I live in this amazing art!

The psychology faculty added a lot to my life because I studied absolutely everything about the human being, I worked with HR, consulting and this brought me a look that reflects on my work as well.

Photography is power of expression

Everyone has a way of expressing their feelings, I found mine in photography. The camera brings me closer to people, it is a tool that gives me freedom and flexibility, both in looking, in editing, as well as in relation to life.

Everything I lived I carry with me. People, cultures and different realities made me appreciate life more, complain less and understand that each experience is unique. I've visited more than 60 countries seeking to portray the best look, and always sharing the experiences on my social networks.

My goal is to bring photography to as many people as I can – online and offline.

About the gallery

After nearly 10 years in this passionate universe of photography, it's time to fulfill my dream of opening my photo gallery and working in the field of photography as art. Here you will find images of documentary photography, landscapes and portraits – all copyright works, limited and by series, and printed in the Fine Art process.

Seeing my work in people's homes is an honor. Spreading my message with my photographs is an immeasurable joy.